1,273 words, and a plan…

So, as you can see, some progress was made over the past week, though not that much (remember I posted on Sunday last time, so don’t consider today’s word count as part of my week’s progress). It was pretty challenging getting into the book while also returning to the work routine after the holiday break. Seems like if I can just be sure to write first thing in the morning, I’ll be okay. I’m trying to push a little past the daily word count goal. While it’s more than reasonable to finish the first draft at the end of February, I wouldn’t be upset to see it done before then.

My characters are held captive, though loosely, but they’ve got a plan to get free. The challenge? – How can I make things go wrong for them? Tomorrow, though, I’ll be in a different POV. I wonder where that will take me.

For those who are interested, I found a very interesting resource yesterday in George Saunders’s Story Club. Saunders is a literary writer who doesn’t really do fantasy or science fiction, but I enjoy his absurdist stories and I really love his efforts to share with the public how he teaches classic literature at Syracuse. So if your reading tastes ever stray into the highbrow, be sure to give that link a look.

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